February 1st 2018
Deadline compositions and application

May 12th 2018
Final Concert

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Photos Final Concert 2014 and 2016

Prizes 1st Keuris Composers Contest 2014
Category Youth Symphony Orchestra
1st Prize: Frank van Gompel (The Netherlands) with Sagittarius Variations
Publics Prize: Leon Firšt (Slovenia) with Romantic Souls
Category Ensemble (flute, bassoon and piano)
1st Prize & Publics Prize: Aspasia Nasopoulou (Greece) with Nanourisma
Other finalists:
Rick Debie (The Netherlands) with Andante giocoso for flute, bassoon and piano
Peter Longworth (United Kingdom) with Folktales for symphony orchestra
Martin Sadowski (Germany) with Mirrors for flute, bassoon and piano
Heleen Verleur (The Netherlands) with Mind Your Step for flute, bassoon and piano
Amersfoort Jeugdorkest
conductor Rolf Buijs

Keuris Ensemble (for this occasion:)
Egbert Jan Louwerse, flute
Helma van den Brink, bassoon
Henry Kelder, piano