February 1st 2018
Deadline compositions and application

May 12th 2018
Final Concert

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3rd Keuris Composers Contest 2018
The Keuris Competition invites composers of all ages and nationalities to participate in the 3rd Keuris Composers Contest with self-made compositions for the youth. The compositions should be challenging, but at the same time accessible and playable by young talented players.
There will be two categories:
1) ensemble consisting of violin, cello and piano
2) youth symphony orchestra

Rules for the Keuris Composers Contest can be downloaded here. Also details about the instrumentation.

Three nominated pieces in each category will be premiered during the Final Concert by AJO (Amersfoort Youth Orchestra) and Keuris Ensemble on May 12th 2018 in Flint, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
Compositions should be received no later than February 1st 2018. All compositions will be judged anonymously by the jury.

Jury: Vanessa Lann (USA), Jeff Hamburg (USA), Joost Kleppe (former student of Keuris, NL), Rolf Buijs (conductor of AJO, NL), Henry Kelder (chairman, former student of Keuris, NL).

There are different parts within the Keuris Composers Contest, all focussed around the performance of the six to be selected compositions during the Final Concert. The parts are:

  • the composition contest (deadline February 1st 2018)
  • auditions for Dutch young violinists, cellists and pianists (early 2018)
  • Final Concert (May 12th 2018)

The Keuris Composers Contest takes place on a bi-yearly basis, in combination with the chambermusic oriented Tristan Keuris Kamermuziek Concours (Dutch). For the Keuris Composers Contest, composers from all over the world are invited to write compositions for symphony orchestra and ensemble.

Both the composition contest and the chambermusic focus on the interaction of young amateur players and professional musicians.

Tristan Keuris is one of the most recognized Dutch composers after 1950. The Keuris Composers Contest, based on the Keuris’ background and drive, takes place in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, where Tristan Keuris was born.